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JP on Telangana

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gottimukkala raju:when do we think, we would find telangana a reality? what do u think are the major stumbling blocks?

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: A new State can be created only when there is a broad consensus within the State. In this case, AP is the first non-Hindi state sought to be divided, and Telangana is the first region with a major city as State capital in it, which wants separation. Both make it hugely complex.

Sarath Myneni:Do you think in these modern days so called revolutions, sections of people are being provoked by either politicians or by some other oppurtunists. Can’t the government/parties do any think to stop this. This is clearly a very dangerous trend right now in Telangana protest????

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: Sadly, there are extremely uninformed, but very strong views on both sides. we should let people realize that formation of Telangana is neither a disaster nor a panacea. The real solutions lie in empowering local governments in the Thirs tier of federalism and giving every kid a chance in life through education. So that the accident of womb does not determine her future. We need to make the young people understand it, and channelize their anger constructively.

Vijay1440:I do not have any issues in saying that Telangana is ALSO not developed, But why do you think that it is not developed? Who are the culprits?

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: Evidence shows that 8 of the 10 districts of Telangana are growing much faster than AP over the period 1994-95 to 2006-07. In the rest of AP, only three districts out of 13 have growth rates higher than AP’s. Nor surprisingly, 5 of the 10 districts of Telangana have per-capita incomes higher than in the whole AP. The districts of Telangana are far ahead of the other districts of erstwhile Hyderabad State which are in Maharashtra (with the exception of Aurangabad) and Karnataka. The problem is clearly not economic – it is political.

chepyala vijaykumar:hello JP what is your view on telangana..I feel you should decide on this considering prople’s aspirations

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: Vijay, We need to do what is best for Telangana people. The only real answers are: 1. Repeal of Section 14(f) of the PresidentialOrder. 2. Creation of an independent authority to implement GO 610 in all regions of AP. 3. Regional Committees in all regions with powers and resources 4. Effective and empowered district governments. Lok Satta is fully committed to these goals.

Prasanth Balantrapu:Is Telangana movement really a people’s movement or just of politicians’?

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: All anger of people against poverty, corruption and ugly politics is channelized in a single direction right now. It is essentially a movement against politics as it is practised now. Politicians are past masters at arousing passions and promoting envy and hatred in order to convert people into vote banks. We see a combination of angst, political follies, ignorance, envy and primordial loyalties at play.

S W Kamath:In a one city state that AP unfortunately is, and assuming that a part of the state is carved out to make for Telengana, can we really believe that Hyderabad will also be a part of that smaller state? If so, what happens to the Andhra/Seema areas considering that a large part of the investments in Hyderabad come from outside.

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: Highly centralized development in one city is both the cause of this crisis, and a hurdle to resolve it. There is no substitute to creation of a large number of small towns, and job creation at local level, along with real empowerment of district governments.

Kiran Kumar V:All of us know the political and sentimental perspectives around the issue, keeping them aside, Mr JPN can you please throw some light from administrative side, how were different regions progress over past few decades, it is clearly visible that some pockets (in both Telangana and coastal Andhra) have outperformed some other. Do you attribute this to regional politics or natural resources in those areas or anything else? What efforts did state govt make to ensure prosperity is spread equally across the state?

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: Some facts: Agricultural implents: Telengana-67% Rest of AP-33% Food grains-Rice growth(1955 to 2006): Telengana-708% Rest of AP-191%. Pulses production (1955 to 2006):Telengana-243% Rest of AP: 207%. Cotton production growth (1955 to 2006): Telengana-5443% Rest of AP-539% Sugar cane production growth (1955 to 2006): Telengana-225% Rest of AP-262% Gross irrigation growth: Telengana-140% Rest of AP-38% No. of Agri pump sets: Telengana-58.5% Rest of AP-41.5% Power consumption per capita: Telengana-777% Rest of AP-645%

There are some more facts. Jalayagnam expenditure: Telangana : 45% Rest of AP: 55% Literacy growth: Telangana : 1143% Rest of AP: 448% Primary and UP schools: Telangana: 32108 growth: 410% Rest of AP 47877 Growth: 125% High schools: Telangana: 8579 growth: 8394% Rest of AP 7616 Growth: 1132% Development has been faster, and distribution has been even in Telangana. But a lot more needs to be done.

If you see the annual growth rates of gross district domestic product of various districts from 1994-95 to 2006-07, the facts are revealing. 1994-95 to 2006-07 – Annual average growth rate. AP: 6.68% Nalgonda: 7.38% Khammam: 6.99% Warangal: 7.57% Karimnagar: 7.53% Adilabad: 6.46% Nizamabad: 6.30% Medak: 7.34% Hyderabad: 10.41% Rangareddy: 9.32% Mahabubnagar: 8.34% Rayalaseema: Kurnool: 5.33% Ananthapur: 5.82% Cuddapah: 4.90% Chittoor: 4.73% coastal AP Nellore: 5.09% Prakasam: 6.80% Guntur: 4.81% Krishna: 7.01% West Godavari: 5.79% East Godavari: 6.46% Visakhapatnam: 9.65% Vizianagaram: 5.81% Srikakulam: 6.58% you can see these trends – these are long term trends aggregate economic growth over 13 years for each district. The facts speak for themselves.

yvsajay:Hello sir, Suggest a path for a young determined youth, who desparately wants to bring about a change in politics by being a part of it.

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: Participate. Vote sensibly. Understand the real solutions. Mobilise the public opinion. Be politically engaged while taking care of your own career. Be prepared to lead. We shall prevail.

pravik:Dear Sir it is interesting to observe that most of the people involved in Telangana moment are students….., Is there a real moment first of all, if so then why are Ordinery People not coming out…? I guess Ordinery man is more concerned of Job Opportunities, Local development, better education for there Kids & other basic needs….? Your response will be highly appreciated. – PRAVIK

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: A myth has been spread that if a State is formed, every youngster with 7th Class(!) qualification will get a job, and every acre will get irrigation. Both are myths. It is easy to fall prey to such propaganda. It is easier to think that someone else is the cause of our problems. This is an ages-old tactic employed by politicians to manipulate gullible people.

suresh:There are many countries in the World which are smaller then big districts in India. Then what is the problem for creating new state ?

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: No problem. The only thing is nothing can be done arbitrarily without a broad agreement among all stake-holders. Also once language ceases to be a marker for state formation, then we should decide what is a rational criterion for division of states. Once these questions are addressed, solutions can be found. But in any case, real solution lies in district governments, and none of these players is committed to real empowerment of people!

Yogeswar:Sir, This discussion is very intellectual. In order to make a common man who is a student or a villager in Telangana , who are seeing a great advantage in Telangana, understand that it is not the Panacea, what would you suggest?

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: – Let each district have its own government. – Let all simple jobs go to locals – and let us create an authority to enforce it. – Let each village have Rs. 1000 per capital right away every year to take care of local problems. – Let us ensure that each child has real education, healthcare and skills to be able to stand up with dignity and self-reliance. This is the language everyone understands. We need this message to go everywhere – all over India.

pavva:Is it true that really telangana region losing their funds and water?

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: – About funds – there is no discrimination whatsoever. – Regarding water, Telangana accounts for about 20% of the total catchment area of Krishna river. But Telangana contributes 263 TMC of water to the river, and is allotment 280 TMC for the projects in Telangana. Coastal Andhra region gets more because AP gets a higher share than the catchment; water always flows down-stream into the sea; and there is prior use of water in the coastal belt that established riparian rights for about 150 years. Clearly, there is no discrimination. Growth of irrigation in Telangana is much higher over the past 50 years – partly canal, partly bore-wells. But there has been no discrimination by governments. Geography gives each region same advantages, and causes some problems. Everything cannot be equally distributed.

Raju Choppella:The conditions of roads in Hyderabad are the worst, I had lived in Pune since 1992 till 2007, then shifted to Hyderabad, there are so many speed breakers that we feel we are driving on rumblers rather than roads, why should there be unregulated speed breakers on the road? How should we bring the attention of the government at the rampant laying of badly designed speed breakers..??

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: We do not have conscription in India. We need to change our parties and politics. But at the end of the day it is the voters who have the controlling hand. No point blaming politicians all the time. Middle class and youth must take responsibility.

kondal311:Do you mean politicians are using this sentiment for their gain. In 2004 elections TRS was part of UPA and during 2009 it joined hands with TDP. Almost all parties said they are OK for telangana during 2009 elections. Is it oppertunistic politics or Do we need Telangana really ?

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan: In our first-past-the-post system(our election system in which even one vote majority gives the victory to a candidate), parties are desperate to get a few more votes to be in power. So, they mean one thing, but say another thing. It is these short term political tactics which lead to this crisis.

(Excerpts from IBNLIVE chat)

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February 25, 2010 at 7:14 AM