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Loksatta and secularism

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Loksatta party members commented today: “Instead of going to the rescue of farmers hit by the drought-like situation with an alternative plan, the Chief Minister is hoodwinking the people by initiating the ritual. The Endowments Minister who is supposed to protect temple properties from encroachers supervises the ‘Varuna yagam.’ The TTD, which is expected to productively utilize people’s offerings to the God for their welfare, is squandering away precious resources on such unwarranted rituals.”

First of all, it’s a mistake for a secular Govt. to get involved in maintaining religious institutions and temples. Secondly, once involved, they are bound to use only the temple funds for the religious activities. Now, if the Govt. dips into other funds to organize religious rituals, Loksatta’s criticism of the Govt. is valid. In this case, I believe the funds are from TTD and not from any other sources.

If TTD uses its funds for religious activities, it’s the temple’s prerogative. I don’t think Loksatta has any locus standi on the issue. If people want their money to fund charity, they would donate it to such institutions and not temples. One may criticize religion or any rituals associated with it as a civic organization, but Loksatta is no longer just a civic movement. It would be wise for Loksatta as a political party to refrain from judging harmless religious rituals and other such personal matters of people.

The agenda of the LSP is silent on religious matters. That would be a wise thing to follow for any party which believes in secular governance.


Written by jujung

July 2, 2009 at 12:11 PM

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