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Lok Satta Party

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Lok Satta Party, which grew out of the eponymous movement led by Jayaprakash Narayan, was launched on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi in 2006.

Excerpts from its agenda:

“Lok Satta Party was formed with the goal of creating new politics for a new generation of Indians. For Lok Satta, power is a means to promote public good, and not an end in itself. Lok Satta is striving to change the rules of the game by adopting and practicing internal democracy, transparent resource mobilization and utilization, national public policies and democratic methods of mobilizing public opinion, enhancing the liberty of all sections. Lok Satta’s goals are:

  • Eliminating all forms of discrimination by birth through ensuring opportunities for quality education, healthcare, skills and employment.
  • Enhancing incomes in agriculture and other traditional occupations.
  • Improving quality of life by creating basic amenities in all rural and urban settlements.
  • Establishing truly empowered and effective district and local governments and decentralizing power.
  • Promoting full transparency and accountability at all levels of governance.
  • Establishing rule of law and ensuring that all people are treated equally without favouratism or discrimination.
  • Ensuring social justice by building a new society in which a child’s future is not determined by birth, caste, family, region, religion or wealth.
  • Utilizing public resources fully and properly.
  • Eliminating corruption.

Traditional politics in India regards people as mere vote banks and mendicants seeking alms from the state. Misappropriation of a large proportion of public money, squandering precious resources, transferring a small part of public money to the tax payers in the form of sops and freebies for short-term political gain, and reducing people into abject dependence on political patronage and state support are the key features of the traditional, kleptocratic politics of India. Lok Satta aims to transform this by enhancing the capabilities of citizens, making them partners in wealth creation, and promoting the dignity, self-esteem, security and opportunities of every individual.

We call upon every thinking citizen in the state to enlighten their families and fellow citizens about the new society Lok Satta envisions – a society in which there is dignity, opportunity, and justice for all Indians. “


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June 1, 2009 at 2:45 AM

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