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A response to criticism of Lok Satta Party

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This is in response to the charges (see videos) of Nannapaneni Rajakumari and another TDP member Revanth Reddy, criticizing JP and LSP:

1. LSP is not against Chiru/balayya/babu/jagan contesting the elections. It is against party becoming just an extension of family. It is for democratic election of party leaders.

2. Lok Satta never claimed it is against politics. It fought against criminalization/feudalization of politics.

3. NAC and such are Govt. appointed committees, which have nothing to do with political parties. Again, secretary during NTR’s time does not mean he’s working for NTR. It just means he’s working for the AP Govt. It’s like saying Govt. employees belong to the ruling party.

4. LSP is not for banning liquor. It is for banning belt shops and illicit liquor. It is for banning enticement of voters with cash and liquor.

5. LSP is not against movie stars contesting elections. It just cautions people not to get fooled by the on-screen heroic image, with the real person. It is against the campaign style of mega-star, who focuses only on his image and not on any real policies he wants to bring.

6. LSP does not say it will not work with the traditional parties in the assembly. LSP says it will work with them to improve Governance and legislative process. LSP does not criticize for the sake of criticism. It supports the Govt for good actions and criticizes with alternative suggestions for poor actions.

Update: A discussion on TV5 with responses from JP: Nannapaneni Vs JP @ Yahoo! Video. A press release by the Lok Satta Party in response to the criticism by TDP is available here.


Written by jujung

June 1, 2009 at 2:50 AM

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